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Rick “Moto” Crossman

Our good friend, Rick Crossman, takes his Funday frame through some moto airs at the Falling Creek Skatepark in Bedford, VA.  Rick has been shooting photos for us, so check out some of his work HERE.

Jim C ya’ later!


This day was bound to come eventually. As of mid-May I will be leaving Sunday Bikes. This was obviously a difficult decision for me since I co-founded Sunday with Odyssey back in 2005 and I’ve been working on it every day for the last 9 years. It’s truly been an amazing experience learning the bike industry, traveling with the team and most important of all, meeting so many BMXers from around the world.

My main goal with Sunday was to do interesting things with every aspect of the company and if you’ve been paying attention since we’ve started then you know that we’ve done that many times over. Sunday has always been in great hands with everyone at Odyssey/Full Factory standing behind it, and that’s where it is going to continue to grow, with lots of exciting projects already in development for 2015.

So, now I’m off to new creative adventures. I just want to say that I’m truly honored by all the people that supported and rode a Sunday during my time with the company. Even after all these years, I’m completely stoked when I see a person riding one. BMX as a whole has never seemed brighter when you consider how amazing riders are today and when you look at the progress of the younger riders it’s clear that things are going to only get crazier. I’m very excited to cheer it all on from the sidelines.

Thank you,
Jim Cielencki


Photo Rick Crossman. Top photo Photo: Andrew White/Dig BMX

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Happy Birthday Cory Foust!

Cory House Park

Cory Foust can blast really high airs and wreck shop on a pool table.  He also just so happens to be celebrating his birthday today!  You know he’s celebrating by beating people in pool at Side Bar in Austin.  Have a good one Cory!  Photo Rick Crossman.

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Garrett Reeves Nose wheelie

Garrett Reeves was in Austin recently and nose wheelied the big Hubba ledge at House Park.  He didn’t take the easy route by coming in from the side, but rather went straight over the top. So sick!  Luckily caught photo by Rick Crossman.

Check out Garrett’s recent Sunday ad right HERE.

Normal Activities?

Well, I’m officially allowed to return to normal activities according to my doctor. After a month and half of being off my bike fighting a Staph infection and then having surgery to remove a hematoma, I’m more than happy to be back.  Not sure my doctor understands what my typical “normal” activities are, but I’ll just take it easy anyway.  Tire slide photo by Rick Crossman.